Quick Pic Tours Safety Protocol

We want to notify our valued clients, with illness floating around, we must enforce additional safety for you and our Quick Pic Tour employees in the field.

Here is what we are doing, and asking of, our photographers, agents and homeowners:

  • Our photographers are practicing safe hygiene and will disinfect before they enter a property.
  • Photographers have been instructed to not touch or move ANYTHING inside the property. This said, we ask that you please turn on lights, open blinds/shutters, open interior doors, and remove any personal or cleaning items not wanted in the photo shoot.  
  • Please avoid attending the photo shoot so we can practice proper social distancing. Our photographers are experienced and understand what shots are needed to show off the property.  Please provide notes in your order for any special shots that should be included.
  • If your attendance is necessary, please avoid typical handshakes, etc. and give photographer an appropriate distance. If possible, please make sure everyone steps out of the house for the time the photographer will be doing the shoot. This may mean taking a quick drive or going to the porch or elsewhere during the shoot.
  • Please clean and disinfect the property. Especially anything that the photographer could come in contact with such as door handles, lights, stair rails, etc.  
  • It is the Photographer's right to cancel or reschedule the shoot upon arrival if they do not feel comfortable at the property. Note this could result in a $25 reschedule fee.
  • Any photographer who has been exposed to the virus or show symptoms will not be completing shoots at this time.
We thank you for your support with these requested precautions.  Please help us be aware if there is anything we can do to support you in feeling safer during this time.